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Microchanneling & Microneedling (aka Collagen Induction Therapy)

Located in Saskatoon, Sk at Studio LaLuna Beauty in our licensed, fully insured, and inspected private facial and skin studio. Visits are by appointment only.

Microchanneling(0.25mm and above)
1 Session: $150 +tax
Package of 3: $405+tax
Package of 6: $780+tax

Microneedling(0.25mm and deeper)
1 Session: $400 +tax
Package of 3: $825 +tax
Package of 6: $1500 +tax

*Microneedling treatments include treatment to the face with growth factors, a growth factor post care kit lasting 4-7 days AND a free LED treatment 2-7 days after the treatment.

*A consultation is required prior to booking*

Collagen induction therapy results in a more youthful, rejuvenated appearance.

What is microchanneling? What is microneedling? How do they work?

Microchanneling or microneedling, also known as collagen induction therapy(CIT), is quickly becoming one of the most requested skin rejuvenation treatments. These are treatments where very fine stainless steel needles make holes or channels into the skin. This triggers the skin's wound healing cascade to stimulate and increase epidermal cell turnover, collagen, elastin, and also optimizes skin cell function. Microchanneling only goes 0.25mm or less into the skin. Microneedling goes 0.25mm and deeper into the skin.

What conditions are microneedling good for? What are the benefits of microneedling? 

 The most responsive conditions and indications for microneedling include: scars, acne scars, wrinkles, thin skin(epidermal density/strength), hyperpigmentation, UV damage, and anyone who wants to achieve healthier skin. The benefits to microneedling include improvement of acne, acne scarring, skin texture and thickness, reduction in pigmentation and UV damage, and overall healthier skin.

Is microneedling safe? Why should I chose you for microneedling?

When microneedling is performed correctly, this treatment is extremely safe. More aggressive treatments and deeper microneedling depths do not always equal more results. Your microneedling service is always performed by a registered nurse. We follow evidence based medical microneedling literature to guide our protocols, treatments, and clinical endpoints. All of our treatments include microneedling of the face, with anti inflammatory high molecular weight hyaluronic acid and stem cell growth factors applied during treatment. You will also receive a stem cell growth factor aftercare kit, that will reduce redness and enhance the recovery process, giving you optimal results. You also receive a FREE Celluma LED light therapy treatment 2 to 7 days after, to help the skin heal and accelerate your results.

How often can and should I get a microneedling done?

For the best results, a series of treatments is always recommended. The number of treatments required will depend on the individual's skin health and skin concerns.  Results from microneedling are cumulative and as time goes on, you will continue to see benefits from this treatment. Microneedling treatments are performed 4-6 weeks apart. 

What is the pre and post care? What are the contraindications?

PRE CARE: Stop exfoliating and exfoliants (retinols, acids, benzoyl peroxide, enzymes, clarisonic brushes, etc.) 7 days prior to your appointment. Come to your appointment with a clean face (no makeup). Ensure you are optimally hydrating your skin prior to treatment. If you are prone to cold sores, use medication for them prior to your appointment.

POST CARE: For the remainder of the day after treatment, only use the hyaluronic acid that your provider gave you. You must avoid sunlight and UV rays (even through windows, etc.). Utilize a hat when needed. Avoid working out, sweating, hot tubs, saunas, swimming, or anything that would make you sweat. The next day after treatment, begin to use your aftercare kit. This kit should last between 4-7 days. You will see your provider 2-7 days after your treatment for your free LED session and for your provider to assess your skin.

CONTRAINDICATIONS: Currently on anticoagulants/blood thinners. Recent chemical peel or exfoliation treatment (within 2-4 weeks). Use of accutane in the past 12 months. Active cold sores or sunburn in the area. Undergoing chemo/radiation treatments. Eczema, rash, skin infection, or dermatitis in area. History of keloid scarring/formation.

Why choose Studio LaLuna Beauty?

We have performed facials and skin treatments for 8+ years now and have performed hundreds of procedures. We hold multiple certifications and investing in continuing education is of utmost importance to us, to continue to give the best results for our clients.

Results & Google Reviews

microdermabrasion facial before and after results
microdermabrasion facial before and after results
microdermabrasion facial before and after results
microdermabrasion facial before and after results
microdermabrasion facial before and after results
microdermabrasion facial before and after results
microdermabrasion facial before and after results
microdermabrasion facial before and after results

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